Polyester Slings

Endless Round Polyester Slings

Eye & Eye Polyester Slings

Polyester web slings are a diverse and efficient way to lift various cargo without putting a dent in your wallet. We offer two kinds of polyester slings: Endless Round Slings and Eye and Eye Round Slings. Both come in various strengths, sizes, and colors, because here at Empire Rigging, we know options are important.

Why Polyester Web Lifting Slings?

Polyester Web Slings are incredibly durable and water resistant; they can handle the elements in ways that Nylon Slings simply cannot. Not only this, but they offer the flexibility necessary to handle whatever shape your load may take. The lightweight nature of these slings might lead you to believe that they are relatively weak, but quite the opposite is true. These are some tough slings that can handle some very heavy loads. On top of all these great qualities? Price. Poly slings are super cost effective, making your job easier for a portion of the charge.

Types of Polyester Web Slings:

Endless Polyester Round Slings: These slings are beneficial due to their longer durability. The endless loop can be moved to prevent wear and tear, switching up whatever end deals with the most stress whenever you need to.

Eye & Eye Polyester Round Slings: These slings are designed with a pad that binds the midsection, creating a loop on either end. They have a low stretch value, which aids in the prevention of locking up on a load, and are compatible with vertical, choker, and basket hitch.

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