HSI® Polyester Sling | Endless Round | Green | 7/8" Width | 8' Length | SP530 | 5,300 lb Vertical Capacity

Manufacturer #SP530-08
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When your next rigging job includes lifting delicate and yet cumbersome items, look no further than our array of HSI® synthetic polyester round slings. A wide-variety of sizes are available whether working on a small-load lift or preparing to maneuver a massively heavy element with material that will not scratch or otherwise mar the item being hoisted. Our slings are there to solve your hoisting, lifting and towing problems.

HSI® slings are assembled in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility where quality, safety and efficiency are priority. Audits are conducted every year by an independent third-party to ensure manufacturer compliance with the set standards.

    Polyester Sling Highlights:
    • Design Factor of 5:1 indicating that the breaking strength of the sling is five times higher than the rated Working Load Limit.
    • Repels liquid making it a great alternative when used in environments where spills are likely to happen.
    • Jacket assists in protecting the sling core by keeping dirt, oil, grease, UV rays and other elements degrading to the sling away.
    • Cost-effective as the sling can be easily replaced once the outer jackets have worn over time.

    Product Details:
    • Color: Green
    • Sling Length: 8 ft
    • Vertical Capacity: 5,300 lb
    • Choker Capacity: 4,200 lb
    • Basket Capacity: 10,600 lb
    • Relaxed Body Diameter: 7/8 in
    • Width @ Load Diameter: 1-1/2 in
  • ENDLESS - The synthetic sling is designed as one piece producing a large loop that can be manipulated in a variety of ways helping shift the wear points for long-lasting availability.
  • FLEXIBLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Increased points of contact are available with this pliable material to ensure a secure lift for some unusually shaped loads. The weight of the sling also makes for a less arduous experience when securing or removing connections.
  • COLOR CODED CAPACITIES - A quick visual association of the color present allows for the user to determine the Working Load Limits for polyester slings. The load-bearing core yarn is covered by two similarly colored jackets.
  • DOUBLE TAGGED FOR SAFETY - Two tags are used on HSI®slings to identify WLL (Working Load Limits). Riggers can reference critical information for safe sling application and OSHA compliance.
  • AMERICAN MADE RIGGING - Hanes Supply, Inc. is proud to be the industry-leading USA based manufacturer of hoisting solutions for industrial construction and building projects since 1930. All slings are manufactured in a certified ISO 9001: 2015 facility.
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number SP530-08
Manufacturer Hanes Supply, Inc
Brand Name HSI®
Nominal Body Width (in) 7/8
Width @ Load (in) 1-1/2
Choker Hitch Rated Capacity (lb) 4,200
Color Green
Vertical Capacity (lb) 5,300 - Green
Vertical Capacity 5000-10000
Vertical Rated Capacity (lb) 5,300
Length 8 ft
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