HSI® SlingMax® TwinPath Sling, TPXCCF17500, 6 ft Length, Covermax Nylon Cover, 175,000 lb Vertical Capacity

Manufacturer #TPXCCF17500-06
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The Twin-Path® synthetic roundslings are the choice for your heavy lifting stability and rigging needs. Slingmax offers the only synthetic round slings that come equipped with the Check-Fast® External Warning Indicator, Covermax® Cover, and Rifled Cover® technology. Slingmax® Rigging Solutions has been a trusted name in high performance synthetic roundslings to the industrial and large load rigging markets since 1986.

Slingmax slings are versatile as they work in a variety of elements and are more easily transported as they weigh 90% less than steel slings. The material also offers additional security as more surface area of the sling is in contact with the load for added lifting stability.

The TwinPath design offers an increased element of safety by isolating the operation of each path. If one path is damaged during a lift, the other path remains completely functional with a design factor of 2.5X the working load limit. This decreases the chances of a damaged sling failing catastrophically under load.

HSI® is an authorized manufacturer and distributor of Slingmax products and produces these slings in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility where quality, safety and efficiency are priority. Audits are conducted every year by an independent third-party to ensure manufacturer compliance with the set standards.

  • TWIN-PATH TO PEAK PERFORMANCE - Two individual paths of helically wound K-Spec fiber core yarns working together as one sling giving the rigger confidence when attaching to cranes or other lifting mechanisms. Has less than 1% elongation at rated capacity making for a great solution to for use in shipbuilding, construction, aerospace or other industrial applications.
  • COVERMAX DURABILITY - Made from heavy-duty, double layered industrial bulked-nylon, the outer green Covermax protection offers four times more abrasion resistance than polyester and other synthetic slings while also being highly resistant to chemical and UV damage. If there is damage to the outer green layer, the red interior covering will show indicating the need to remove the sling from service for repair.
  • CHECK-FAST FOR SAFETY - External Warning Indicator (EWI) provides a quick way of checking the sling condition improving jobsite safety. Offers a quick visual criteria for pass/fail inspections when the internal load-bearing yarn may be damaged. The inspector now has an objective (Go/No Go) device rather than relying on subjective and labor-intensive techniques to determine whether the load-bearing yarns are in good condition.
  • LIGHTER IS BETTER - SlingMax Twin-Path slings are 90% lighter than steel slings rated at a similar load capacity. They also weigh 30% less than polyester or nylon slings of a comparable load limit rating. Less effort to rig is needed and it is much easier to transport and store.
  • CORE STRENGTH - K-Spec fibers have a high resistance to chemicals, heat, moisture and the core yarn is the longest-lasting for any synthetic sling. The Rifled Cover Technology process includes helical winding, or spinning, of the core fibers during manufacturing which significantly improves strength, efficiency and sling reliability. It also provides a consistent and predictable breaking strength for every sling while allowing for repeatability in the manufacturing process. The slings are constructed with a 5:1 design factor, but will consistently break at 6X the WLL.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number TPXCCF17500-06
Manufacturer Hanes Supply, Inc
Vertical Capacity (lb) 175,000
Choker Capacity (lb) 140,000
Length 6 ft
Nominal Body Width 5" - 10"
Package Quantity 1/Each


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