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When it comes to heavy lifting, there are many different types of slings that can be used. One of the strongest slings, however, are chain lifting slings. Chains have been the go-to in a variety of uses because of their durability and reliability. Because of this, it is no wonder that chains are used for heavy lifting. Not only is their strength unmatched, but they can also be customized with a variety of ends to meet the unique needs of each job. Available in a variety of chain sizes, sling lengths, and weight capacities, chain lifting slings offer a wide range of uses. Read on for more information regarding the various chain slings offered here at Empire Rigging.

Single Leg Chain Lifting Sling

Our single leg chain slings are made from strong and durable materials that can take on the tougher jobs. With the Single Leg, you get the options that you’ve come to expect from Empire Rigging. Whether you need a grab hook or an oblong hook to foundry hook, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. We know what it’s like to hunt down the right product for the right job, and we want to make that hunt short and painless.

Two Leg Chain Lifting Sling

Our two leg chain slings are both high quality and affordable. We offer three varieties of these slings, including oblong link to sling hooks, oblong link to grab hooks, and oblong link to foundry hooks. Although these products boast massive amounts of strength for heavier loads, they will wear and tear over time. Luckily, the materials that Empire Rigging prides ourselves upon will keep these slings active and happy for a long time.

Three Leg Chain Lifting Sling

Three leg chain slings come in the exact same varieties as Two Leg Chain Slings and tote the same power that you’ve come to expect from our products. The extra legs can often help with balance, or add the strength needed to lift larger loads. If you need help deciding how many legs would be best for your job, feel free to contact our knowledgeable customer service team. We want you to walk away with the product that is perfect for your project.

Four Leg Chain Lifting Sling

When you’re choosing your lifting chain slings, you need to think about the style that would best suit your job. A grab hook is perfect for securing a chain, as it snags onto the chain and does not let go. Foundry hooks are perfect for any event in which a bigger opening is necessary to support the load. Regardless of what you choose, our four leg chain slings come in the same varieties as our Two and Three Leg Chain Slings, and can get the job done safely.

Single Basket Chain Slings

Our single basket chain slings are great to use for lifting heavy items that don’t require a lot of balancing. We have five different chain sizes to choose from with different weight capacities dependent on the item(s) being lifted. All of our slings come in a variety of sling lengths ranging from 2” to 30”. However, if you can’t find the type of Single Basket Chain Sling you need, feel free to give us a call to discuss customization options.

Double Basket Chain Slings

Similar to our Single Basket Chain Slings, our double basket chain slings come in the same five chain sizes to choose from with varying weight capacities and sling lengths starting at 2” to 30”. However, whereas our Single Basket Chain Slings come equipped with one chain, our Double Basket Chain Slings have two chain baskets allowing for a more balanced and stable lift.

Adjustable Chain Lifting Slings

Aside from our regular chain lifting slings listed above, here at Empire Rigging, we also offer a variety of Adjustable Chain Lifting Slings to choose from. We have: Single Leg Adjustable Types A & B, Two Leg Adjustable Types A & B, Three Leg Adjustable Types A & B, and Four Leg Adjustable Types A & B. With these slings, you have the option of adjusting the chain lengths to customize them to better fit your needs.

If you’ve read through our options and gone through our website to see what we offer, but still haven’t found the exact type of chain sling you need, don’t fret. Give us a call at 844-728-1771 and let our heavy-lifting experts assist you in customizing a chain sling that fits your exact requirements.

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