HSI® Two Leg Wire Rope Bridle Sling | 2 in dia | 8 ft Length | Bolt Anchor Shackle Ends | 63 ton Capacity

Manufacturer #200BAS2X-08
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When looking for strength and durability on that next big rigging job, look no further than our array of HSI® Wire Rope Slings. A wide-variety of sizes and styles are available whether working on a small-load lift or preparing to maneuver a massively heavy element. Our slings are there to solve your hoisting, lifting and towing problems.HSI® slings are assembled in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility where quality, safety and efficiency are priority. Audits are conducted every year by an independent third-party to ensure manufacturer compliance with the set standards.Two leg slings are multi-purposed and designed for lifts where the attachments may be made directly to the load. This would include situations such as hooking into lifting eyes of placing loops over lugs. Each eye on these slings is formed using the mechanical Flemish Eye Splice. This process allows for the most efficient use of the rope capacity with top-quality steel as the pull is directly along the centerline of the rope and eye.
  • Wire Rope Diameter - 2 in.
  • Terminal Fittings – Thimble-to-Bolt Anchor Shackle
  • Sling Legs - 2
  • Sling Length - 8-Feet
  • 60° Basket Rated Capacity - 63 Ton
  • 45° Basket Rated Capacity - 52 Ton
  • 30° Basket Rated Capacity - 37 Ton

Alloy Oblong Master Link Specs:
  • Diameter – 2-3/4 inch
  • Weight – 94 Pounds
  • Opening Width – 9.88 inches
  • Opening Length – 18 inches

Safety Compliance:
  • OSHA: Sling Safety, Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1910.184
  • ISO 8792:1986, Wire Rope Slings -- Safety criteria and inspection procedures for use
  • ISO 7531:1987, Wire rope slings for general purposes -- Characteristics and specifications
  • ASME B30.9-2018 Standards for Slings
  • THIMBLE AND BOLT ANCHOR SHACKLE - Best for permanent or long-term installations where the load may slide on the shackle pin. Bolt-type system stays in place with a nut and cotter pin for secondary securement.
  • FLEMISH EYE SPLICED SWAGING - The sling ends are mechanically formed allowing for larger load capacities. Loops are secured with a forged metal sleeve over the spliced area along with heavy-duty thimbles to protect the ends of the sling.
  • DOUBLE TAGGED FOR SAFETY - Two tags are used on HSI slings to identify WLL (Working Load Limits). Riggers can reference critical information for safe sling application and OSHA compliance.
  • RUGGED FLEXIBILITY - A 6 x 37 IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core) classification offers large outer wires that provide a balance between fatigue and wear resistance.
  • AMERICAN MADE RIGGING - Hanes Supply, Inc. is proud to be the industry-leading USA based manufacturer of hoisting solutions for industrial construction and building projects since 1930. All slings are manufactured in a certified ISO 9001: 2015 facility.
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 200BAS2X-08
Manufacturer Hanes Supply, Inc
Brand Name HSI®
Legs Two
Wire Rope Diameter 2 in
End Fitting Bolt Anchor Shackle
Wire Rope 6X37 EIPS IWRC
60° Basket Hitch Rated Capacity (ton) 63
45° Basket Hitch Rated Capacity (ton) 52
30° Basket Hitch Rated Capacity (ton) 37
Master Link Nominal Diameter (in) 2.75
Master Link Inside Length (in) 18
Master Link Inside Width (in) 9.88
Length 8 ft
Package Quantity 1/Each
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