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Understanding 8 Types of Crosby Hooks

Jun 7th 2018

The Crosby Group is one of the most well-established corporations in the heavy lift industry, having brought vital innovations to workers worldwide for over a century. With that fact in mind, it’s easy to see how their catalog of products could be intimidatingly large. If you’re looking to stock up on Crosby hooks, it can be hard to know which ones to lean towards off the bat. To help ease the process, we’ve decided to build a guide to a few of Crosby Group’s most popular hooks. Keep reading to learn more!

1. S-319 Shank Hook
The S-319 line of Crosby hooks is best understood as the generalist line of shank hooks. With the greatest range of load limits, these hooks are likely to be found in the repertoire of anyone who regularly works with rigging assemblies compatible with a standard cam-and-groove fitting. These hooks are available in a number of materials including carbon steel, alloy steel, and bronze.

2. 320 Eye Hooks
Much like the S-319, the 320 line of eye hooks is a generalist line with a wide range of load ratings. These hooks utilize an eye fitting instead of a cam fitting and also have a pre-drilled hole which allows for the addition of a latch assembly for the main hook at any point. The 320N models come with a pre-installed latch assembly out-of-box.

3. S-322CN and S-322AN Swivel Hooks
These Crosby hooks utilize a similar design to both the 319 shank and 320 eye hooks, instead substituting a swivel fitting for the eye or cam fittings. In addition, these forged hooks are well-marked with both angle indicators and deformation warning indicators which can be used to identify improper usage angles and potential damage before applying loads.

4. S-1316, 1318, and 1326 SHUR-LOC Hooks
Representing the shank, eye, and swivel versions of the SHUR-LOC line of Crosby hooks, these model numbers are similarly designed to the base models with one major variance. The inclusion of the SHUR-LOC self-locking load latch makes these hooks both easy to use and secure. The load latch utilizes positive lock and is heavily tested, meeting OSHA personnel lifting application rules and surpassing grade 80 strength ratings.

5. Grade 100 SHUR-LOC Handle Hooks
These forged hooks are designed with a handle-and-trigger mechanism large enough to be used by personnel wearing thick work gloves. The trigger allows for careful release of the positive locking mechanism. These grade 100 hooks are designed for use with wire rope and 80/100 grade chain. Much like item #4, these handle hooks meet the OSHA personnel lifting guidelines.

6. Crosby Bullard “Golden Gate” Hooks
The “Golden Gate” hooks (named such because of their golden-colored latch) are designed for loads that may rotate during lift. While not suitable for continually rotating loads, these hooks are well-tested to accommodate regular levels of rotation during lift. These hooks are available both with positive locking (self-closing) gates and manually closed gates and are also available in both open swivel and closed swivel ball formats.

7. Crosby Bullard “Golden Gate” Roller and Link Chain Nest Hooks
While the hook is identical to those found on item #6, the connector fitting is a reinforced chain nest which allows for frequent rotation while under load. The link chain nest models attach to chain with the use of a pin while the roller chain nests have a “floating connector” which allows for connection to different types of rigging.

8. Crosby Bullard “Golden Gate” Double Ended Hook
These “Golden Gate” hooks are both attached into a shared fitting that allows each hook to rotate independently. Ideal for very frequent rotation, the dual-hook design makes many connections significantly easier and faster. It should be noted that these hooks are less flexible in working load limit, as their construction only allows for broader working load limit ranges. As a result, only three load limit ranges are available. Though those ranges cover a wide weight spread, some users may find themselves having to purchase a larger hook than they are used to if their load surpasses one of the three load limits. While other models of hook have intermediate hook sizes, only the three aforementioned sizes exist for the double ended hooks.

The eight Crosby hooks listed above are some of the best products the Crosby Group has to offer and allow for an incredible breadth of options for lifting heavy loads. If you think one of these hooks would make your job safer and easier, contact us at today. Our professional staff is well-trained in hundreds of high-quality, American-made products, and we can help you find the right hook for the job. We stock many models of Crosby Hooks and are ready to ship them to you right away so you can get the job done without a single delay!