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Jaw and Jaw Turnbuckles to Screw Pin Shackles: The Crosby Brand Promise

Mar 26th 2018

Crosby is a world-renowned manufacturer in the heavy lift industry that strives for quality, expert training, and technical mastery in the field. As a pioneer in the field, Crosby was the first to produce forged wire rope clips, wire rope guards on sheaves that can be opened for easier reeving, Forged Load Rating, which involves marking the working load limit directly on products, and quenched and tempered fittings for a more reliable performance. In addition, they began the Forged Product Identification Codes trend, which involves printing the PIC into the material of each product, allowing for traceability of the date of production and material certification. They implemented rating products by Fatigue Rates, forging the patented QUI-Check markings into hooks, shackles, and various other rigging products to assist users in determining proper use, and they produced a crane block that can be removed without removing the wedge socking from wire rope.

In addition to the countless innovations produced by Crosby, their continued legacy of quality products makes them top of the list for any retailer or consumer looking to invest in reliable heavy lifting products that ensure safety and stand the test of time.

By having a full-fledged team of experts on call for customers’ questions and needs, the knowledgeable sales and information team at the Crosby Group can assist customers with their broad product lines, as well as provide a worldwide network for Authorized Crosby Distributors and a first-class technical support team.

So, with all this in mind, we’ll go through some of the high quality products Crosby has to offer such as the Jaw And Jaw Turnbuckle and screw pin shackles.

Turnbuckles Turnbuckles play a major role in any rigging operation, allowing for fine tension adjustments in ropes or cables in even the largest and most meticulous projects. Turnbuckles are most commonly used in construction and renovation projects, aircrafts and sailboats, manufacturing facilities, piping systems, and can also be helpful in small house projects involving tension cables (clotheslines, dog runs, etc.).

There are various categories of turnbuckles, including eye and eye turnbuckles, hook and hook turnbuckles, hook and eye turnbuckles, jaw and jaw turnbuckles, and jaw and eye turnbuckles. For every style of Crosby turnbuckle, the end fittings are quenched and tempered or normalized and all contain enhanced impact properties for greater toughness and temperature endurance. Each piece is hot dip galvanized, and the hooks are forged with greater cross-sectional area, which results in an overall stronger hook.

When using turnbuckles for a straight or in-line pull, the experts at Crosby recommend specific models for optimum results. Choose a turnbuckle with typical hardness level, tensile strength, and ductility properties, while of course making sure the turnbuckle meets or exceeds all of the ASME B30.26 requirements including identification, ductility, design factor, proof load, and temperature requirements.

Shackles Crosby is renowned for having some of the most reliable and high-quality shackles in the industry. A shackle is a U-shaped piece of material that has a pin or bolt across the opening. Shackles are most commonly used for attaching a sling to a load and are a prime connecting link in different types of rigging systems, such as crane rigging, winching, and boats.

Crosby's top-of-the-line shackles reflect the high-quality brand that has been created over the company’s history. With their premium design factor, all Crosby shackles are built to ensure strength, ductility, and fatigue properties are met. Every Crosby shackle is closed-die forged, allowing for an increased cross section to increase its strength and durability. Each shackle is quenched and tempered, a process which has been perfected by the Crosby Group over decades, unlike any other firm, and is their signature promise to ensure consistency in performance and maximization of steel properties. The quench and tempered process ensures the four performance characteristics that are critical and maximized when performing any overhead lifting. These characteristics are the working load limit (WLL), ductility, fatigue resistance, and toughness.

Crosby produces a broad range of shackles. Screw pin shackles, which consist of two parts (shackle bow and pin), are most commonly used for projects involving side-loading circumstances, as well as pick-and-place applications. Round pin shackles, which consist of 3 major components (shackle bow, bolt, and cotter pin), are most commonly used in tie downs, suspension, towing, or lifting. Bolt-type shackles, which consist of 4 parts (shackle bow, bolt, nut, and cotter pin), are most commonly used (and highly recommended) for any long-term, permanent installations where the load may slide on the shackle pin.

Crosby manufactures all of their products and equipment to be cold-ready. When working in freezing environments, the cold has a significant impact on your rigging equipment, as operating lifting equipment can become very dangerous in cold-weather conditions. Crosby's cold-weather-ready shackles (and other products) are made to ensure temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius do not endanger equipment or workers. These products are made specifically for the extreme working environment and have been used in some of the coldest parts of the world, such as Antarctica. In addition to the “Cold Tuff” products, Crosby also offers a variety of Subsea ROV shackles as well as theatrical shackles for stage rigging and productions.

The Crosby brand exhibits a promise of quality that rings true throughout the rigging and lifting industry. A name rooted in tradition and innovation, 130 years of business has brought Crosby to be one of the industry’s most trusted leaders.

For more information on where you can find Crosby products, from jaw and jaw turnbuckles to screw pin shackles, visit, or call 844.728.1771 to speak with one of the Empire Rigging expert customer service professionals. Empire Rigging is an authorized Crosby distributor that has sold quality, American-made products for decades. Let them help you today!