twinpath high performance synthetic slings


Twin-Path® Slings are the world’s strongest and lightest lifting slings. These synthetic round slings feature two individual paths of fiber working together as one slings – providing the rigger with redundant back-up protection in the event that one of the paths are cut. Twin-Path® slings are used in place of chain and wire rope slings for heavy lifts. They weigh approximately 90% less than steel slings and have less than 1% elongation at rated capacity (compare to braided polyester round slings, which can stretch up to 9%). Twin-Path® slings can also be repaired.

Twin-Path® Slings are constructed with high performance fibers known as K-Spec® which are resistant to chemicals, heat and moisture. Independent testing has shown that K-Spec® core yarn is the longest lasting load-bearing core yarn in any sling.

The K-Spec® yarns are protected by an internal red polyester cover which is further protected by the outer green cover of Covermax® nylon. Covermax® provides superior abrasion resistance and contrasts with the internal red covers to assist in visual inspections for cut and wear. Additional sleeves can also be sewn around the body of the sling so that they can be positioned in areas where abrasion is prevalent. 

Twin-Path® Slings also feature Check-Fast® Inspection overload indicators. The Check-Fast® Inspection system features external warning indicators (EWI) that extend from the cover of the sling. In the event that the sling has been overloaded, the EWI will retract, indicating that the sling’s integrity has been compromised. The Check-Fast® Inspection System is included on all Hanes Supply Twin-Path® slings unless specified otherwise.

Twin-Path® slings conform to ASME B30.9 Chapter six, US Navy NAVFAC P-307 Section 14, and CI 1905-07. The safety and inspection features found only in Twin-Path® products were created to overcome shortfalls riggers found in single path round slings. If ergonomics, productivity and safety are important, then Twin-Path® slings are your best choice. Twin-Path® slings are made in sizes up to 500,000 lbs. vertical rated capacity with larger capacities available by special order.