Dixon DBL GRIP SWIV REATTACH-2307750000 (H603)

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Supplier: Dixon®
Material: Chrome Plated Brass
Thread: NPT
Thread Size: 3/4"
Hose ID: 3/4"
Hose OD: 1-1/8"
Weight (lb): 0.55
Specifications: UL Approved
Features: Two-piece re-attachable coupling made of chrome-plated brass for pump hose.; Streamlined design prevents damage to hose and fits smartly on new pump equipment.; Wide, flat surfaces of body threads protect inside of hose from breaking.; Tapered surfaces of
Installation: Easy assembly: hose is held in position by sleeve as body is threaded home, only a wrench is required to assemble the Dubl-Grip®.
Safety notes: Reattach static wire if required.; Hose service working pressure (including surges and spikes) is never to exceed the maximum recommended working pressure for the fitting. The assembly's (hose + coupling) maximum working pressure is the lesser of the hose

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