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Top Nine Uses for Heavy Duty Hoist Rings

Feb 12th 2018

Hoist rings come in various grades for all kinds of jobs. They can be composed of multiple materials and be designed in a number of styles. Some swivel. Some pivot. Some do both. The name of the piece sounds quite specific, but the term actually encompasses a wide swath of items within the heavy lift tools market. Hoist rings are particularly popular for jobs requiring the movement of varied loads. First-time buyers may be unsure as to what level of strength they need, what style they need, and what features are most advantageous for their job or industry application. In these situations, it is often helpful to take a look at what is most commonly used for similar jobs, as well as what industry best practices exist. Interested in a DIY project for your home? We’ll cover a few of those, too. To serve that purpose, we’ve composed a list of the top nine uses for heavy duty hoist rings.

1. Residential Movers

Moving companies deal with loads of varying sizes. Customers are often non-specific about the items to be moved and uncertain of their weight. Even smaller residential movers often find it best to go with a high-capacity ring or a set of multiple rings.

2. Commercial Movers

Commercial moves often involve hoisting irregular objects in busy areas. When time is of the essence, and an accident would be a disaster, it is always in your best interest to have more ring strength than you expect to need.

3. Residential Construction

When you’re on a job site, the day can involve hoisting anything from lumber to pipes. Weights vary and time is often extremely limited. In fact, switching hoist rings for every new load is a waste of time that many project budgets simply cannot absorb. It is very common to use heavyweight rings, even for jobs that don’t require the full strength.

4. Commercial Construction

Commercial job sites involve a lot of people and moving parts. Budgets are tight, and schedules are inflexible. Work is often completed several stories from the ground, and the objects to be hoisted can weigh several tons. When mistakes are not an option, companies invest in heavy duty hoist rings.

5. Tire and Bench Swings

These old-fashioned favorites are a fun DIY project that even the least mechanically-inclined among us can pull off. You can finish this simple project in a single afternoon, and your family can enjoy the results for years! When you’re picking rings for a project like this, it’s best to go for something that can handle more weight than you’re ever going to put on it. Safety should always come first, after all.

6. Mechanics

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, a well-outfitted garage includes a hoist. It may be tempting to pick a ring that can handle the bare minimum in order to save some of your budget, but a single dropped engine negates any money saved on hoist rings. Take care of your tools, your garage, and your car by ensuring that you always have the right heavy duty hoist ring for the job.

7. Carpentry

The most difficult part of any woodworking project is gathering supplies and getting started. The right hoist ring can make the hardest part a lot simpler. Whether you’re framing a new build or building a table, invest in the correct equipment and never worry about the weight of your wood again.

8. Deep Sea Fishing

The right hoist ring can be the difference between the catch of a lifetime and the story that no one believes. Never let one get away. Get your trophy in the boat with a strong hoisting solution.

9. Marine Maintenance

Within days of buying that boat you’ll be looking for ways to cut the costs of owning it. Here’s a hot tip: get yourself a hoist and do the work yourself! Cut your dry docking expenses in half and get the full marine experience!

Regardless of the industry you’re in, hoists are an important piece of equipment. Investing in the appropriate hoist rings can be the difference between a quick and easy job and hours of repairs -- or worse! Don’t spend your day switching rings for every project or variation. Don’t waste precious time weighing and re-weighing your materials. At Empire Rigging and Supply, we recommend having more strength than you ever expect to need. That’s why we recommend investing in heavy duty hoist rings.

Here at Empire Rigging, we make it our goal every day to ensure our customers are equipped with the best information and tools available. Informed customers make informed decisions, and the road to professionalism is paved with education! We support and sell high-quality, American-made products that we know are built to last. If you want to know more, visit our site today at!