Chain Slings

Chain Slings

Chain slings are the rigger’s choice for lifting applications that require added strength or resistance to chemical and heat hazards.  Chain slings also offer flexibility of strength, lift customization, and end fittings to serve your needs.  Lifts requiring more abrasion resistance or lesser weight should consider our lines of nylon slings, polyester slings or in the case of heavier lifts, wire rope slings.

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Grade 80 and 100 Chain Slings

Empire Rigging is proud to offer our chain slings in two strengths, grade 80 and grade 100.  Single leg grade 80 or 100 slings can support up to 36 tons of maximum load weight while heavier lifts will require upgrading to a double, triple, or quad chain slings.  These flexible slings add an extra length of chain to the oblong hook in order to support additional lift weight or odd size lifts.

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Adjustable Chain Slings

Designed with the same leg configuration as our standard chain slings, an adjustable chain sling adds small, additional legs of chain to the oblong hook enabling the rigger with an added degree of flexibility.  These are available in double, triple, and quad leg.  Adjustable chain slings are a great option for non-standard lifts.

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 Chain Sling Safety

  • Always use slings within posted working load limit

  • Distribute loads evenly; an unequal load on one leg can create a hazardous situation and/or damage the sling

  • Rapid and sudden stops, impacts, and lifts should be avoided

  • Do not twist or tie a chain sling in a knot

  • Do not use slings with damaged, defective, or worn chain

  • Protect sharp edges and corners accordingly with sleeves

  • Always inspect hooks and discard bent or damaged ones

  • Load hooks should never be tipped or pointed; use a latch to support loads

  • Clean and inspect chains prior to use


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